Let learn Chess

I trained many chess players and they achieved lots of success. Trainer of the World Champions: Khalifman, Alexander (1988 – 1990); Ponomariov, Ruslan (2001 – 2004)
Trainer of Challengers of the World Champions (final match): Kamsky, Gata (1986 – 1987, 1996 – consultant on WCC match against Anatoly Karpov)
Best students: Nihal Sarin (India) and Salem AR Saleh (UAE)

UAE Chess Team in Arab Championship 2023 cerebrating their victory in almost all team events.
UAE Chess Team in Arab Championship 2023

Work with National Teams: South Africa junior (2009), Libya (2011), Sierra-Leone (2021), Malawi (2022)
In the year 2015 recognized by FIDE Trainer’s commission as the Number 4 junior coach in the World:
In the year 2019 nominated by Sri Lanka’s chess federation for the FIDE Trainer Award (best junior coach)